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About Us

PawPal is a mobile app for dog owners and dog lovers. Our community is growing and with our app you can find a trusted local person to spend time with your dog when you are not around. We have created a mobile app for all dog lovers to join also for dog owners to find local help for doggy care.

You will love PawPal, if You are a

Dog Owner (Paw)

It is important for the owners to have peace of mind knowing that the dog is being well taken care of by a local trusted person who joined simply because they love dogs.

Paw Profile is about our dogs so we can search for a trusted human friend in the area to take the dogs for a walk, play and sometimes sleepover when we are not around. We have the chance to meet with new dog sitters and find a great human friend for our dogs, someone who treats our dog like family.

Dog Host (Pal)

This is for the ones who enjoying spending happy time with local dogs in your area, it's a win­win situation!

Dog hosts can benefit from joining our community, so they can search and find more Paws in the neighborhood and become their best Pals. Time to go for a fun walk and spend some time with our local furry friends.